Its sunday... and you know what that means!? Its time for an other great awesome cool-and-stylish-Update. Here in the funniest blog on "Funny stupid short videos ! No FUZZ, No Bullshit, just pure fun ;)".  Maybe I should update this blog more often, but I feel like I only want to show of some really TOP NOTCH videos, and skip the boring ones! And that is what is blog is all about, just HIGH QUALITY videos is good enough. Lets start with a stuntman on a bike, doing is latest trick, and landing....well see for your self what happens... I was surprised anyway, and you will be too ;)  :

Hehe ouch! thats gotta hurt :p. Oh well shit happens... Now on to the next great video. A clip from family guy I havent seen before actually. So you maybe havent too, hehe I thought this was a bit fun anyway, check it out ;) :

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Hi Boss. Great blog. Great minds, think alike. Thanks for adding your link to my blog at: