Hahah! This has to be the worlds most stupid car crash. Some people should not have a licence. I mean even my grandmother who is almost 100 years wouldnt have done that. That is soooo bad driving, funny to watch though ;)

HAhaha ;D What a great and funny video complication of sport accidents and bloopers! People THIS is one type of videos I personally like to watch on the internet. There are so many stupid things that can happen in sports, and this video shows many of them ;) Enjoy.

Hahah, this video gets funny at the end. It will really surprise you how stupid a person can get. Haha, and remember this is not a joke, she realle MEANS that :D

Hehehe. Here is a funny home video for you all. Kids playing with this jumping ball thingy, and then suddenly this one kid, decides to try out something REALLY idiotic and stupid! And that is for me to know and for you to find out ;) Again this video represent somewhat what this blog is all about, short, funny, and most important STUPID stuff happening ;) Very quick to watch as this video is under a minute long.
Have fun, atleast these kids had fun doing this ;)

Hahah, stupid guy claiming to teach you how to be old school. Whatever he means by that. Look how dumb hes looks too. This is a must see! :D

Hehe! Here is a funny commerical for you. Its pretty funny and stupid too!
Its just dumb really. In this humorous short videos we see a old couple kissing, and sharing something.... find out what. Its not that disgusting to watch as it sounds. If you are able to watch these to do a little kiss, then you will be o.k. wih this video.

Hehehe! This yellow Muppet is making fun the iphone, and seems kindy frustrated about it. But this video is just stupid, come one what do a muppet need an iphone for!? Look at his hands, how can he use a cellphone. And look how dumb he is looking at a blank computer screen! I bet thats not a real computer even. HAhaha Dumb :P But very funny video though. You SHOULD watch it ;)

Hehe, most of you have already seen that stupid and funny commercial with the pc guy and the mac guy, talking about how great the mac is. Well I dont think quite as many has seen this new twist of that ad, with linux also appearing. Here it is anyway, that woman is hot lol. Very stupid video.

Heres a stupid video for you. How to undress in under 10 seconds. Wow, thats simply amazing. If you have no problem looking like a complete idiot while doing this, it perfect for you. Although I wish this crazy man did explain more in detail how he goes about doing this. Watch and laugh ;)

Hehe, here is a funny Stupid video for you. A guy wearing a fat suit, while jumping on a trampoline. (Your speakers arnt broken, there really is no sound in this one)

Hehe, in this stupid video. Theres basically just someone getting a cake in the face. A classic.

Its time for MORTAL KOMBAT !!! hehe no really, this is more like moronic kombat. A stupid video of two guys fighting with only some cheesy effects. Although the effects are cheesy looking, its very funny to watch. A cool parody I must say!
Watch this!

Hahaha! You just HAVE to watch this stupid video.
Its a japanese show I guess, and we all know how crazy their tv shows are like:D

HAhah! Funniest home videos you will ever see is right here:

Hahaha this video is so extreme funny ! Its a man kung fu fighting a cow haha, just how stupid and dumb is that. Now come on, doesnt get much stupider than this :D Its from the movie "Kung Pow" I beleive. A very funny movie indeed. You MUST watch it, see this video clip to find out why !

This is kid meets water ride. And water ride is the clear winner. Just got to enjoy stupid videos like this. :D

He he. these free videos has to be the shortest and funniest movies or videos on the net!!! I'm laughing still... Now its time to watch all the ...... movies! Find out what movies I'm talking about by clicking on the video ;D Very, extremely funny video again anyway ;D Give a comment what you think of them ;)

Hahaha, hmmm Two towers were quite similar to the first one...
Oh Well.. The final Movie Return of the King is different :D
Never knew these scenes in Lord of the Rings where this funny. Return of the king is also my favorite of the three, your favorite too or ? Let me know with a comment, right after watching the movie ;)

Hhahhaa, if that last video wasnt great , that nothing is :D
Lets continue with the next movie The two towers:

This funny video blog takes a new direction with showing you real blockbuster movies!
But hold on, its probably not what you think... Its parody humorous short videos ofcourse :D Lets start out with watching all the 3 Lord of the rings movies toghether right now! The first movie is ofcourse The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring , get your popcorn and soda ready, and watch :D

Funny ways of waking people up from their sleep :D
Hehe, the classics never die.

Commercial humor : Watching the raod = good , aromatherapy = bad :D

Here are some kids having fun with a trampoline. They are great fun of course,
but then something really idiotic and funny happens... You wont guess what happens here, and that's for sure. I totally was stunned, and although it looked to hurt a bit, you cant help laughing real hard at this stupid little accident! HA HA :D

=) Its time to show off an excellent summary of all the greatest internet videos out there. They are classic videos that you must have seen! Wow, after watching this you realize that there is a great deal of stupid people in the world. "Internet people" this video is called, and lets face it, internet people are stranger than the most :D

Internet People - Watch more free videos

Just found a video here that was titled "stupid video that make no sense" and I thought; HeY! wait a second, that seems just about right for this blog! And it really does, a lot of these videos in this video are pure stupidness and 100% dumb stuff. This video goes out to all the skateboard fans out there, that thinks these guys are bad skaters, and just dumb and stupid in general :p Also this is not a high quality video, its more of a JUNK VIDEO :P (thats make no sense).

Hahaha. if your planning on watching some funny videos today. Do yourself a favor and watch this video!!! :D Its a incredible funny music video about a "mean" cat.(It doesnt look mean at all though. VERY FUNNY :D you WILL laugh ;) I sure did anyway.

Hahah, when youre supposed to be a professionals bowler, that is really funny
and EMBARRASSING :D This sport is full of accidents, but not by the professionals.
Great and really SHORT video clip this one, fast to watch.

HAhha! This is an awesome and funny complication of people hitting their head. And in every case it happens in a stupid way, you can count on that! very funny and short video, that you should watch right NOW! ;)

Hehhe this video is really stupid. Its a cat talking. And guess what... well see for yourself, it aint the smartest cat in the world... When cats finally starts to talk, it would be nice if they have something cool to say. Like the winning lottery numbers, or something usefull :D but this is just dumb stuff :p

HAHhha, this video is so extremely funny ! ;D This is a totally excellent prank.
A prank by a well known talk show host, that most people know... Its Letterman :D
And he has been fired it seems, and now works for McDonalds! =) If I worked there,
I would be like that all the time, messing with people like this is FUN ;D
This video gets my high quality rating system, which I call "A completely kickass video".

A very funny, short, and stupid video. It is a parody of those
MAC commercials, that you most probably have seen already.
But this one is different. Watch to find out who wins this battle! =)

HAHa, really stupid video. Two guys who REALLy like
MCnuggets so much, that they decided to make a song about it. And oh boy
what a song it is. Had to laugh at this one, U bet you will too!
MCNUGGETS time!!!:p

Hehhe, this is japanese hidden camera at its best.
Its so freakin funny, hahha, I guess these people where
pretty surprised. Thats just something that you NEVER
expect will happen when you sit down in a chair like that :D