Crazy Funny Chicken Man

Hehe, stupid commercial. Nothing much more to say about this one ;)

Funny Stupid Dub Video With Power Rangers :D

Hehe, really creative stuff. He ate the gello ! Some very dramatic scenes here :p

Some Funny stupid and hilarious moments

Hehe. I really liked this complication of funny moments in sport history and other different stuff. I’m so glad I’m not one of these people doing such ridiculous things. Enjoy! :D

Can you laugh without smiling? HEhe!

Thats some laugh he`s got going there. Hehe, lol, watch this one and you wont regret it ;)

funny cartoon videos like this one, always make me laugh

Hehe, cars talking, I really liked this one. I think its taken from robot chicken or something, seen it before?

Funny prank video with hot blond chick

Oh Yeah, hehe nicely done prank. I know everyguy in the world couldnt say no to that woman. She`s really hot, and what a problem she has. :D

Stupid car prank video

Hehe, in this clip you will see some kids do a cool car prank. They are pretending that they are holding an invisible rope. Clever, but yet, kinda moronic :p

A funny stupid short video of people falling

hehe, nothing much to say about this one. Mostly people falling and making a complete idiot of themselves. That guy going on his ass down the stairs was the best I think. hoho.

funny pick up lines !!

Haha! This is pretty much a must see video! Hilarious pick up lines for you who have trouble with the ladies. Ummh on second thought I meant to say that these are pick up lines you should not use or something. Do the opposite of this guy and you will rule em. The opposite will be so boring compared to these though :D Conclusion: funny pick up lines right here people!

Hilarious college waterballoon prank!

Some guys decided to make an enourmus water balloon and throw it from a roof on to a porta potti. You gotta see this, great humor right here people ! :D NIce accuracy also!

funny car video

Heres a funny car video for you all. Really made me laugh since this is just silly :D
Dumb videos clips is rellay my favorite kind, its just easy to watch, and no need to analyze it or use your brain :D

funny muppet car ride video ;)

haha. This is that kind of funny stupid short video which this blog is all about. Hehe I laughed watching this one too. Here we have a yellow muppet head banging to music, while cruising along in the car. COOL ;D