stupid video clips

Haha. I continue my quest for finding stupid video clips on the net. This is what I came up with today. A guy making pan cakes, in a funny stop-motion kind of way :D Hehe pancakes are sweet, and this clip made me hungry hehe. Hope you like it.

Really Really dumb cheerleaders ;) Freeakin Fun to watch!

Hehe, who doesn't love cheerleaders right !? Well everyone does, and maybe this is way. That girl landing on her ass after that huge jump in the air, looked like it had to hurt!! OUCH! Hoho, and all the other clips are funny too. watch this! ;D

funny stupid whale song

Hehe, I laugh just looking at this kid and his hair, but the whale song was funny too. I guess he could work on some lyrics but other than that keep your hair, and don't quit your day job. Enjoy ;)

funny picture and video

He he, watch this crazy picture slide show! Some really scary picture morphs here, so don't watch it if you are easily frightened.

Feature video: One of the best stupid videos on youtube.

Lets take the time, to remember a clip on youtube that has now been viewed 3,855,608 times! That's an incredible amount for something this stupid. For just a crazy looking Norwegian sitting on chair and making noises that are so extremely annoying ;) Lasse Gjertsen is his name, now lets watch:

yourtube just for laugh

Haha, how dumb this yourtube clip is... Made me laugh though. Watch a prank gone wrong, really wrong! Its a terrible bad joke too, so this isn't fun because of the prank in its self. But watch this and you will see..;)

funny dog video

A pretty useless and meaningless short video starring a dog who like to balance food on its nose and then eat it quickly. hoho ;)

stupid video clips ... just gotta love it.

Here is a new video of a guy on a bike. Runs into a car and flips a few times, don't worry though, don't think he got hurt. Oh Boy that cant be good I my first impression was, but then I saw he made it quite well actually. "Nice" video clip, in the sense that I WAS stupid of him.

cool extreme funny very video

Wow. This is some crazy stuff I tell you. Many people have seen this clip I think, but maybe YOU haven't!!? If that's the case then you have been missing out on something big, and now is the time to watch this too! Enjoy!

big boy funny video

Hehe are you a big boy? Then you are allowed to watch this dumb clip, of the big boy commercials ;) Haha stupid stuff, but still fun and entertaining to watch. The very essence of what this blog is all about. Hope you like this one too ;)

Funny stupid human tetris video

Haha. This is so cool made, really grabs your attention that its possible to recreate tetris in such a creative way. Simply a must see clip!

funny donkey video

A donkey is far from mans best friend. Donkeys can be funny though, like the one in this hilarious video :D Haha,that guy is in some serious trouble at the end there :D
One of the funniest animal clips I have seen in a while actually.

Funny Naruto Video ! Hehe, everyone will like this one

This clip is not just for hardcore anime fans. It sure is entertaining to watch anyway ;) Hehe, it helps with this hilarious and ridiculous song :P The scenes shown from Naruto here is also very funny indeed ;)