ha ha, funny and ridiculous dance! Its official the Japanese are crazy :D

HAhaha! A good funny stupid short video, that shows you how not to exit a parking garage. This is so dumb and stupid, that I just had to laugh.

HA ha! This is a great video people! Are you looking for a really funny video to watch today see this one! Its the video funny documentary of the Urban Man :D Very original made video, great humor, and guaranteed to make you smile and laugh ;)

Here you have a collection of great gags and hidden camera clips to watch for the next 9 minutes. :D Haha, some of these are so funny you will fall of your chair, and that's a warning :P

Ha ha ! What an awesome commercial. Its no other than Mr. T himself. I pity the fool who don't like this snickers commercial :D

Haha! Stupid and quick office humor video. It contains one classic old video, that I know many have seen before. Yeah, you guessed it. That guy smashing at his computer.

I never have had a jackass clip on this blog, and probably wont show to much of this in the future. Although those video clips can be fun, most people have seen that stuff now anyway. Here is a classic stupid video with shopping carts. The jackass team are experts in coming up with stupid ideas, that's for sure.

Again here is an other stupid dog for you :p I just wanted to prove my point earlier that dogs are stupid :P Here is one chasing his own little tail. :D

Haha! What a stupid dog! Its like I always have thought, dogs are stupid, and in 20 years monkeys will take back control, and run the planet.

My second post with hilarious pictures, with cool music playing in the background. I wont focus on this type of "videos" in the future though, as they are a bit too static for me :p Anyway loads of fun to watch !

HAhaha! Crazy funny video this one! Just loved all the clips in this video. Its a funny hilarious video with kids doing the craziest things. You will absolutely laugh hard at this one. I like the one where the kid removes the chair, and that huge woman falls :D

Its a first time for everything... Here is a funny video, that is actually lots of funny pictures with music. Haha, great stuff in here ! promise :D Some of the very best pictures on the internet!

AWESOME video :D This is hilarious stuff. Asian man needs badly to go to the bathroom... I would have just gone, no need to get that woman's permission, when its an emergency! :D

HAhah, dont you just hate it, when the man in the mirror talks bad at you..:D Original and crazy funny video. Do yourself a huge favor and watch this video :D

Haha, this is a very old video. Remember watching it for the first time a very long time ago. Its basically just a guy falling down a staircase, but its the way this happens that is so darn funny :D

I noticed in the last video I posted, that they played the hilarious peanut butter jelly song. Haha, so this video just HAD to be posted now :D Haha, if this isn't funny, I don't know what is :D Lets all join hands, and sing: ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME !

hehe, always funny to see some stupid person in a hilarious suit, dancing like a complete moron :p

Haha! What a funny and stupid commercial. I'm not embarrassed to say it, I'm a milk drinker. But at least my arms don't fall off!!! Got milk?

More funny accidents! Priceless humor, a little annoying music. Or maybe its just not my taste.

HAhah. I bet these people were pretty shocked :D This is a Funny Japanese prank video by the way. Its an excellent way of freaking people out, running like madmen towards strangers walking down the road. I think they got the idea from the very funny show by Dom Joly "Trigger Happy" were they do the same exact thing.

Hahhaa! Crazy funny video. I really liked these clips. You just know something is about to go wrong here, before these people fall or embarrass themselves. That guy standing in the boat, should know that you simply don't do that. And so on.... You WILL laugh here, I sure did. Love this funny home videos. Because of all the stupidity :D

HAhaha! Such an excellent prank video. Scaring people senseless has always been incredible funny :D Nice costume also, I want one :P

Hahaha! What a stupid and funny video this is. Here is the worlds Greatest dice roll! I wonder how they came up with this idea. It works well as a commercial though!

The World's Greatest Dice-roll - More amazing videos are a click away

Ho ho, its time for a funny (& Embarrassing!) American idol video. I think you have to be stupid not to understand, that when you sound like this, you shouldn't be singing. I mean come on, if I sang like that, I would kick myself. But most importantly I would never go on TV with it. This is horrible to watch, you have been warned :D

HAhaha! An excellent way to scare women! Its just show them a big worm (ok, its a snake, but is there a difference?), and you can count on that they will SCREAM! By the way, always thought that blond woman is hot and sexy ;)

HAhah! So funny! This what I would call a typical college humor video. Its really type of dumb humor, that isnt funny at all to people over 30+. And also this must be an example of ROFL : rolling on the floor laughing :D

Hahah! This is a typical stupid video, with a guy drinking beer through his nose. Makes you want to think.. did it taste any different? *Yack* :p

haha, a funny prank. Makes guy embarrassed at the library. Hehe, this is an excellent prank to do to someone at the office too. Note to self: Do this next time at work :D

This is just a little notification about a new site that might interest you. If you are a gamer that is. Particullary if you own a Xbox 360, and the megagame Halo 3!
Here is a link to Funny and Amazing Halo 3 Videos

Hahaha! Very funny asian video prank clip! This WILL make you laugh beleive me. Hahahha still laughing at these clips. Some creative pranks here too ;)

Hahha. Really funny video. Its parody of weightlifting, but this is Sex sport instead. Hilarious video really, and you WILL laugh at this one ;D

A funny junk video about a guy getting hit in the head with something.
This is a very stupid, quick and funny video no more than 10 seconds long :P
Hehe doesnt get much shorter than that. Still it is funny to watch this stupid guy,
and dancing like that, you almost deserve to get hit in the head :D

HAhahhaa! A very funny commercial, that will brighten your day with a smile or a laugh :P I like humorous short videos like this one. Commercials that you dont have to think so much about(hehe just kidding on that, those commercials are rare), just watch and enjoy ;) I will also take the opportunity to say that if you who read this have funny video sites, or a funny video blog. There is a big chance that we could be link partners, just send me your site and lets see ;) Great, thats all for now people. Have fun, and think POSITIVE always... and positive things will happen to you :D haha..

HAhaha. Sorry for the little bad quality in this movie. But here is an EXTREMELY FUNNY soccer goal :D hehe. simply embarrassing!!!!!

Hahahaha. What a great and fun video! Here are some very funny trampoline accidents !
Some of them must have hurt a little, but dont worry, they dont get seriously hurt here. And this is very clean fun ;)

Hehe, and now for a really junk or home video if you may call it that. Its guy hitting a golfball, and when he hits the ball it..... ;)

HAha, what a stupid dog video this is. Although the beginning of the video is sad, its gets funny at the end. Promise ;D