Hahaha I just laugh and laugh at MAD TV`s parody on Steven Seagal.
If you have watched Steven Seagal movies (as you should) then
you know that the similaryties are many. And since I in my last posted
stated that im both a Steven Seagal fan and Van Damme also, I 
just have to post this INCREDIBLE funny of MAD TV and their
clip where Steven Seagal is Van Damme`s brother! If 
you dont think this is funny, then something is wrong:

HEhehe well well it just got sunday, and that is a cool day. A day to do all the stuff
you didnt have time to do what you wanted the other days of the week.
Time just flys by and soon it will be christmas, how cool is that!? That means its getting
closer to the relase of Wii and the PS3 and that will totally be awesome
cool!!!! At the moment im thinking of getting the PS3, but im not sure, it
cost too much maybe. What about you ? Well anyway here is this sundays,
special video!! Im a big Steven Seagal fan also, along with being a Van Damme
fan. Both er cool. And this video of Steven Seagal in a commercial made me
laugh ;)

Hehehe, just saw a trailer for the new upcoming Simpsons the movie! ;D
I think it will be very cool, but I hope it will bring something special. And
not just be a normal simpsons episode that lasts longer, thats cool too though:P
But anyhooo it will be a blast watching, dont you think!?

Hello Again people! Now I have a very extremely cool video for you. I mean
you like Action right! So how about an action music video of a fighting
Legend. The man called Muscles from Brussels ! Jean-Claude Van Damme Ofcourse!
Im a big fan of his action movies, and would like to recommend his Kickboxer,
and Bloodsport movie! But you should have seen them already if you like martial
arts! Well here is the damn cool video anyway ;) , btw the music is the theme song
for Hulk Hogan ;) 

Once again I continue to serve you, yes YOU who is reading me typing this
on my little grey keyboard from Hewlett Pacard. But just let go to 
business shall we, I have found a video that deserves to be 
her in my high quality video blog. 
And I mean high quality!
Because only the very best is good enough for you (and me)! 
So lets get to the awesomevideo I said I had found. 
Chuck Norris is truly a Hero in every sence of the word, and 
you probably have heard about chuck norris jokes for a while. 
But this is a video of the man
himself reading the jokes about himself! Truly amazingly cool I would say,
so have fun ;)


Its sunday... and you know what that means!? Its time for an other great awesome cool-and-stylish-Update. Here in the funniest blog on blogger.com "Funny stupid short videos ! No FUZZ, No Bullshit, just pure fun ;)".  Maybe I should update this blog more often, but I feel like I only want to show of some really TOP NOTCH videos, and skip the boring ones! And that is what is blog is all about, just HIGH QUALITY videos is good enough. Lets start with a stuntman on a bike, doing is latest trick, and landing....well see for your self what happens... I was surprised anyway, and you will be too ;)  :

Hehe ouch! thats gotta hurt :p. Oh well shit happens... Now on to the next great video. A clip from family guy I havent seen before actually. So you maybe havent too, hehe I thought this was a bit fun anyway, check it out ;) :

Hey Hey World! This is the crazy and amazing blog of funny videos! And now its time for a long and awesome. Now I found today this video of this norwegian guy making music with his self made beat sounds. I thought this was a fresh and nice video, that is just pure honest fun to watch. There are 2 videos of the same guy. This first one I think is the best ;) But the second one is cool aswell! ;) , making music with instruments in his own special way!  Have A look, I tell you this norwegian is a cool dude:
Video 1 of crazy norwegian guy : 

Video 2 of crazy norwegian guy :