:D This video is a classic I think, VERY funny, and
clearly A-Must-See-Clip! Wow, that Conan guy is huge,
you dont want to mess with that guy!! I like videos like this, that are
short and sweet. Its actually under a minute long, but
will be remembered for a life time ;D Haha, this is pure genuis.

HAhAha, this next video is pure stupidity. Its ment for all you gaming addicts out
there, who have purchased the Nintendo Wii console. I am a Xbox 360
guy myself though ;) But I must admit that the Wii sports game is
excellent! I am so freakin good at Tennis there, and would have beaten you
easily ;) Anyway, never seen this video before, and it was so funny and cool
that it deserved to be listed in my blog. Enjoy, and always remember: Safety

hehehe, those people are dumb falling for that.
I would have known it was a hidden camera prank right away ;)
funny stuff anyway.

Car Crush - Just For Laughs - Click here for more home videos

Hhehe, messing with some peoples at the mall.
By tricking them into this simple, yet funny type of prank.
Haha, the bystanders must wonder what the heck is going
on with those people. ;)

No Table - Just For Laughs - The funniest movie is here. Find it

This is a very funny video clip from another Rob Schneider
movie. Hehe, and it is very similar with the other video, when
he falled downed all those stairs ;D Let the laughter begin ;)

Hahaha! Rob Schneider can be a very funny guy.
Here he hurts himself, falling down some stairs. Ouch!
Thats gotta hurt!  ;)

Hehe, the japanese are crazy people. They have a very
strange type of humor somtimes, but for the most they can be
funny too. Here you have a bunch of karate guys, having
black belt in stupidity. But a funny video anyway ;)

I searched around for an extremely funny video today.
And guess what. Ofcourse I found a funny stupid music video
parody with the one and only Wierd Al Yankovic ;)
He is basically "white and nerdy" in this video, he is pretty much
himself then..

Hahahah, another similar video I have in my blog already.
But a very effective way of scarying people senseless ;)

Frozen Woman - Just For Laughs - The funniest videos are a click away

Well another video clip, from this awesome
hidden camera tv show "Just for laughs";)

Cop Kicker - Free videos are just a click away

This stupid video clip comes from a French TV show from 1969!
Imagine that! 1969... thats like a million years ago, what did happen then
that was so funny!? Well see for yourself:

Glass Door Prank - The funniest videos are a click away

Accidents.. I have had my share of accidents on skateboard,
snowboard, soccer, tennis.. But I doubt my accidents where
quite so funny as these stupid people messing up:

HAhahah, this video is embarrasing funny stuff.

Another classic video. The peoples reactions of seeing unwanted sides of
this man is far the best.

HAhhaaa, this is funny too. But far from my personal
favorite. The theme of this clip is only not my cup of tea :P you could say.

When trying to scare people. Simple is always better! :D

HAhaha This is AWESOME ! Funny video indeed!
Getting arressted for helping a little old woman, hehe.

LoL. I continue to post videos that makes me laugh hard.
And therefore here is another cool short video:

Hhahahahha! This video clip is awesome!
Again it scares people pretty good. I must
admit I would have been a little freaked out by this

HAHAha, freakin awesome video clip right here!
This is maybe the first really distugting video
prank in my blog. And Im proud of having this video
in my blog. Well maybe not proud, but anyway :D
Enjoy it :D I laughed pretty hard ;)

Hehe this is funny stuff too!
If I was in this situation I would have just
left. Working in a place were maschines dont
work is just useless waste of time.

I dont were glasses myself, but if I did, I would have
beaten up this guy for doing this :D Hehe, innocent
prank, but smashing someones glasses right infront
of them just seems like a stupid thing to do. But
this is a laughmaker for sure!

One of my intentions with this blog from day 1, was
to provide excellent funny videos that are short, and fast to watch.
I must say that it crossed my mind today, that I think I have
lived up to that promise. For lets face it, people in 2007 are
often were occupied with lots of different stuff, other than
surfing the net! Here is another really short, but really FUNNY
video, that WILL make you LAUGH :D

HAHA, this prank is so funny! Just because it
messes with peoples minds so much. Hhehe, pure
genius to mess with people using identical twins;)
I recommend you watch this!!

Hahaha, this funny prank is cool!
But then again it is a little cruel prank I think.
Seriously I dont think that guy doing this prank, would
have thought it was funny spraying me with that.
Hhehehe, because I would have been so pissed off by
that. Funny stuff anyway.

;) This is basically a stupid video clip of lots of people
having stupid accidents. Some may hurt themself a bit,
but laughter is always the best medicine! ;)

Hahah, scaring people shitless for innocent fun. Have always
been a classic. This time a man in a gorilla suit does the job well.
I want that costume too! So I can run amok in the streets, how fun would
that be! hehe enjoy.

HAhaha, this video is awesome. Very funny!
Look how shocked those people get, and I know
you would be too. Shit this is priceless humor right
there! ;) Enjoy

Hehehe, this policeman is having trouble with
his magic tricks. This is a hidden camera show, and
its a pure genius video clip. Very funny ! Promise!
You are warned, this video is extremely funny! ;) 

Have you heard of a guy named Dom Joly?
If so you probably know the tv show Trigger Happy. Where he comes
up with these stupid video pranks, that totally messes with
peoples minds. This video clip is a classic from that show.
Dom Joly likes to use animal costumes in his clips, and thats
just hilarious in its self. Watch how this guy in this video is
trying to figure out what the heck is going on in this place!? Funny stuff;)

Hahah, this hidden camera prank is fuuuunny!
Hehehe, you just know these guys taking the picture
is thinking like, WTF!?

Hahahaha! See this video! Its so incredible cool, that you
will thank me for showing this to you. Leave a comment if you like this!
Hehe, this is the ultimate way of scaring the shit out of people!
I thought people have seen enough monsters in the movies, not
to be frightened of this types of thing. But apparently im wrong
about that :p

What would you do if a screaming head popped up from the toilet,
when you were planning on taking a shit. Hehe, I know that I
would laugh like a madman, cuz thats just freakin hilarious.
The idea behind this video is stupid. Yet it is simple and pure
genius. Because it makes you laugh and that is truly the point ;)

Hehehe, I just love pranks and funny hidden camera shows.
To fool people and get a reaction from them, either it is
fear, disgust, laughter or whatever, just is great.
This prank sertainly freaks people out,
so funny! Just think how they must feel, when they
unwillingly are drowning that poor guy :p

Well, I have had funny stupid Soccer moments in my blog
so far. Now its time to introduce so really kick ass funny
Basketball moments ;) I think this video is great!
(remember, if it wasnt great, I would never ever
let it get a chance to appear in this blog ofcourse;)

HAhaha! This guy is so freakin funny, that
you maybe will fall off your chair laughing!
Taken from som talent show, im not that familiar with. Its like
American IDOL I think. But who cares about that.
"Flippy the magnificent" is AWESOME ;D

Hahahha, I wonder just how dumb this girl is.
I am almost a pro bowler myself (not really, I just like to think so,
my record is like 200 points). But celebrating
like this after a strike is just pure stupidity. And the way
she falls and everything makes this a cool
stupid video ;)

How Not To Celebrate After Bowling A Strike - The best bloopers are a click away

Hehehe, this is college humor at its best.
This is a well made little video, with music
from the Benny Hill show. You just gotta
love it for using such music. Very enjoyable
funny video, so go ahead and laugh like I
did =)

Apartment Pranks [Part 1] - We Threw A Pie In Jeff's Face! - The best video clips are right here

Hehe, since I am focused on making this blog
packed with funny videos of all kinds! I thought
it was time to post a funny animal video now.
I have found at that cats are funny creatures,
that is constantly doing strange and funny things ;)

Hehe, Im on a roll when it comes to surving you funny
office humor video clips now. Although I wouldnt want to
work for that crazy boss in the last posted video. But I would
instead work for this guy, in this video right here.
Working for a dumb and stupid boss, just seems quite nice
I think ;)

HAHAhah, listen up when I say this is a must see video!
I just love this clip. This has to be maybe the funniest
office humor clip on the net!? Will ferrell is a genuis in this clip,
and when Pierce Brosnan also plays an important role in this
video, you just know its gonna be something extraordinary!
This video therefore gett my "Kick ass" video recommendation.
And that means high quality humor ;) Hope you enjoys this
as much as I do !

Crazy Boss... - Funny home videos are a click away

Hehe this video is truly stupid (BIG suprise :p).
But like always stupidity is fun to watch.
You just cant really blame the guy for
wanting to have more workspace, in that
tinny office of hos. Oh boy am I glad I
will never work like that ;) Because then
I would just refuse to work.

Office Space - Click here for more blooper videos

Yet another awesome video clip from the "just for laughs" show.
Thats a hidden camera show, for those of you who havent heard
of it. HEhe, this clip has a real stupid idea behind it. But if this
doesnt make you smile and laugh I dont know what will;)

Smile - Just For Laughs - The most amazing videos are a click away

Hehehe! you just gotta love pranks. This one is so stupid really.
But its so extremely funny ! lol. Its impossibel not to like this
innocent prank. hehehe see this! Just press PLAY button
NOW , and get ready to start LAUGHING :D

Kid Pranks Hotel Front Desk - Watch more free videos

I must say I think hidden camera shows are real funny.
And tricking people to do stupid things. This funny video
is taken from a German show, and its just so cool. That I
had to post it in this blog. Shit they are freaked out
by that waterbed ;D Enjoy!

Along time ago when this blog was started. I promised future
readers some funny "office humor". Well thats what I wrote
in the description for this blog anyway.... And now folks I give you
some real GREAT office humor, that should be funny ;)

Haha the "This is sparta!" scene in 300 is just so cool. That
another related video clip has to be posted here.
People are having fun with this scene. And can you blame them
really!? Hehe funny stuff.

"This is Sparta!" Screams the guy in the awesome movie "300".
Hehe well people have a tendency to make STUPID parody VIDEOS :D,
related to such films. Heheh and this is excellent done. Very
funny I think, and therefore has to be in this blog.

Heheh Darth Vader can be a real ass sometimes.
This is how he keeps irritating people up in the death star.
Good to see him having fun though ;)

Funny stupid cyclist guy.
Shit happens when you think you have won.
Hehe.... this is great.

Hehe! This Chris Rock clip is a classic!
I remember seen this along time ago, and it still is
hilarious. If you recently got your ass kicked by the
police, here is how you can avoid it the next time they
stop you ;)

How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police - Watch more free videos

Hahahha! Check out this stupid karate guy!
Having a hard time trying to brake that little piece
of wood with his head (I know I could do it, hihi).
Anyway this video is mad fun.

Just found an other great video for you guys,
related to the last one posted. Here is a cool
and funny cat video. Cats are crazy animals
that are very unpredictable. And this video
is one of the best cat videos out the on
the world wide web. It just has to be. Very
funny anyway, enjoy ;)

Funny and crazy cats - Watch more free videos

Hehe, Wow ....
A cat giving a dog a massage...
Great stupid comments makes this a great
little video.

Cat Gives Dog A Massage - Watch more free videos

Yeah its time for making fun of a stupid movie star.
Im not saying this actor is brainless, but he`s probably not
going to solve the world problem with global warming,
or anything else really. Find out what actor im taking about,
and laugh at him and not with him ;)
Funny interview anyway, its a classic funny video.

Interviewing Vin Diesel - Watch more free videos

The ingredients to making a real stupid and funny video is:
1 cup of stupid guy
1 tredmill
and a video camera to catch the stupidity on tape, for the
whole world to see how its done.

Tredmill Wins Again - Watch more free videos

Now its time to bring you an awesome funny video, related to
probably the coolest sport in the world! And that is ofcourse
chess... No seriously I ment to say S-O-C-C-E-R!
Ok, Im seeing you shaking your head and disagreeing with me here.
So lets just say that is just my personal opinion. So chill out
dude or girl, your favorite sport is the coolest in the world.

Comedy Soccer - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Gameshows on TV can be really funny. Specially when idiots like this
guy gets to participate :P Seriously getting the first question
wrong like that is just STUPID! And then it fits well in this blog, since
Im trying to show you the stupidest people on the planet.
Anyway funny stuff, and this video is extremely short, maybe the shortest
one in my blog.

First Question Wrong On Millionaire - Watch more free videos

Hehe this video always make me laugh. Apparently the interviewer lost
his job after this, can you believe it!? Hehehe awesome video. That guy with the
funny voice, should apply for a job as a character in the new Simpsons movie ;)

And now im introducing the stupidest and most funniest

video of the week. That gets the rank of being a great

"KICK ASS" video! This is a video I think is special and unique

in its own way. You may not agree 100%, but hey, let me now

with a comment then! Or else dont argue with me here, I know what im doing with this blog;)

You should expect to see more of this in the future btw (videos ranked as being kick ass i mean).

And now for soooomething comepletely different....
This is a course in how to be a professional magician!!
And ofcourse it is done in a funny and stupid way ;)

Hahaha I just saw this clip today. And I most admit this is pure genius. Albert
Einstein go home!, this is so great. That I most do this myself someday in the future.
Haha.. easy to fool people with. Funniest prank video I have seen today anyhow.
I only wonder if its so easy getting the thread trough the mentos. Its hard candy.
But im guessing im just stupid, and its real easy. Well tell me. HAha just HOW
FUNNY is this video!? And please do this to someone you know as fast as possibel.

YEah haha thank you Mentos people, for bringing us the coolest and
most fun candy in the world. Now its time to take this experiment to another level.
WOW, is that even possibel!? Im betting you most think. Well hell yeah! Its time
to make some coke rockets, where mentos is the fuel. Maybe in the future scientist
will discover that mentos is the key, to bringing humans faster to distand planets
in the univers!!?? Just see how it flies!!!!!!!!!

In the holy quest to bring you the best and funniest videos around,
its time to show you something real stupid. Though this is quite fun, and I must
admit I have tested this myself, its pure stupidity and fun.
Im ofcourse talking about the diet coke & mentos experiments.
Lets start with this introduction video to the concept. I know alot of you have seen this
allready, but their might be people out there that still havent so..
LET the COKE and MENTOS fly skyhigh and into the heavens!!!!!!!!