Did you have a nice easter?

Easter is such a fun time, lots of funny things always happen then...
Here are some funny easter pics to watch :D
Hehe priceless pics.... First time I had seen those too ;)
Cool music in this video, you know what artist?

Hilarious Video will make you laugh every time ;)

A video all about Kool-Aid and how Dane Cook talks about what is wrong wiht mr. Kool-Aid. hehe, hope you like this one, I sure did.

Haha Dane Cook Parody ! FUNNY stupid stuff...

Hehe I hope you have watched a Dane Cook stand up act sometime, because this is exactly how Dane Cook is behaving. This is a spot on, and very good parody. Its so good that you can mistakenly think this is Dane Cook. If youre reading this and you have absolutely no idea who Dane Cook is, then I suggest you look him up on youtube right now!!! Oh, and also a recommended movie to watch with Dane Cook : "Employee of the Month" Awesome movie!!!
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Dumbass Baseball Prank

Hehe, this one is pretty darn dumb I thinnk. People are afraid of the smallest things... I would never ever be afraid of a baseball like that. Look at people reaction to this!

A classic scene from a classic movie :D

Hehe, Jim Carrey has always been a comedy genius. Haha, so funny movie, watched it too many times though... still pretty hilarious. Enjoy.

Huhu, very very stupid video. So dumb it maybe isnt funny? Yeah it is .

people falling have always been hilariously funny, and this is no exception I think. That girl is so wicked ;D