Hahaha! HILARIOUS video... this made my laugh badly anyway. That's the number one place you don't wont to fall asleep :P

Haha! What a funny scene this is. I haven watched much of this show before, but now I get how great this show really is!!! Lesson learned: Don't mess with janitors!!

Look! its stupid news.. hhehe funyn guy though.

haha great commercial! Starring Jackie Chan! Never seen this before actually, so it was real cool to see. You MUST watch this one buddy. Pepsi is taunting Coke :D

Hehe, here are some kids jumping around. These are Romanians so you probably wont understand anything of the text, but that's not important... funny video ;) They jump like monkeys

Romanian Parkour - Click here for more free videos

Yeah its time to show you many many home videos compiled into one awesome and cool video. Remember its time to laugh, so don't eat anything while watching this, so you would choke on your pizza slice or anything like that. This video is longer than most videos on this blog, but hey... you don't have to watch all of it :p

hahaha. How stupid is this. Here is the mystery behind "I like turtles" shown to you. I don't get why this became such a hit on the net, and still don't.. Ha ha funny though how the Internet works some times :P

A video that represents what this blog is all about! :D THIS is the kind of video that are stupid and short, but at the same time hilarious to watch :D Haha, the guy who made this video has to be a salesman himself, or at least he could have been a good salesman if he wanted to :P

Haha! The green team is so cool. Will Ferrell is a genius ;) always funny and always makes me laugh :D Great video, really recommend this one;)

HAhaha, here is Nicholas Cage in probably the stupidest video clip in the world right at the moment. You need to have an open mind when watching this, and not over analyze this clip. Its basically just a guy who have had some fun editing, taken bits and pieces from commercials with Nicholas Cage.

Japanese Fanta Commercial. He he, Japanese commercial usually are quite strange and cool. This one is no exception. Ha ha, that Bruce Lee parody was amazing, laughed my ass off :p

HA ha, these are such hard-ass beans. The next time you eat beans, remember to chew them real good, so they don't kick your ass. Funny video, and great animation!

Killer Bean Forever - Official Trailer - More amazing video clips are a click away

Here is GREAT funny animation video. Which is actually a short film from some people over at Vancouver Film School. They did an incredible job with this video. Its everything you would want from an animation like this. The characters are fun and stupid looking too ;)

Hahahhah! What a great clip! No really this is something very special. I laughed hard at this one ! This has to be freakin fake, no one can do that!? :D

Hehe, this is a cool commercial. David Beckham and some other good soccer players gets beaten at their own game by sumo wrestlers. The idea itself is stupid, but the way this commercial is done is just freakin hilarious. No more sushi for you Beckham!

HA HA , this is such a crazy dumb video. Funny Faces from a whole bunch of people. Its great how you can make videos fun just by editing some simple motions in peoples faces. This is what this video is all about. I bet the guy who created this one had lots of laughs doing it.

Its not often that I post funny music videos. Maybe that is something to focus more on in the future. You never know what the future brings. If I am to post music videos, they have to be funny and stupid. Have to continue down that road, since it is still the title of this blog:) Yeah, just found a great clip to show you today! Here it is. Enjoy!

Ha ha, if you want to watch a discussion between to people that is just extremely dumb and stupid, then look no further. Here you have a wonderful commercial that will make you laugh, I sure did anyway. These two guys are so totally helpless and lost, that its a mystery how they manage to get out of bed in the mornings.

Ha ha, talking fast has always been funny. What a great commercial this is. Ha ha, but seriously if you were working like that everyday, then you would collapse of stress pretty soon though.

Hahaha! What a stupid commercial this is.... Cant believe Hulk Hogan agreed to this. If you are a big fan of the man, you better not watch this :p

He he, I must say I think the FedEx commercials are pretty darn funny and stupid. Here we have a guy who don't know where China is on a map. How stupid is that...that's like retarded or something. Extreme stupidity have always been funny, and it still is ;) Ha ha, that was a fun fake fall also ;D

haha! Excellent way of freakin women out! But come on its just a snake! Nothing to scream about... :P But seriously this is something to try out, looks fun ;D very FUN hidden camera prank :D

Hidden Camera :)))) Whit A Snake - Funny bloopers are a click away

hehe! This is one stupid commercial. But there is one thing that makes it cool and worth to watch, and that is Mr.T! Yeah, one of the few Mr.T commercials I have seen, and he is bad ass as always. He is a good person to you to try and sell something. You can just have him say "buy this fool, or Ill beat you up.." haha.

Hehe, kids do the stupidest things. This video is a typical junk/home video, not that great, but just funny enough to be posted here.

haha! too bad about that hamster though, hamsters are OK animals since they are so lazy they remind me of myself :P The slogan at the end should have been "Stupidity kills", would be more appropriate.

Carpet Man Makes Big Mistake - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Here is a complication of car crash pictures, lots of damage to sometime excellent cars ! Such a shame wrecking a Ferrari, its just Wrong in every possible way.

Funny And Interesting Car Crash - Click here for more blooper videos

A laughing complication , top notch humor over and over again ;)

Laughs Compilation 1 - More free videos are here

Hhaha! Many accidents of weight lifters, cant say they are anything but hilarious :D

Funny Weights - More amazing video clips are a click away

Hehehe, many funny soccer moments right here folks. Very nice with the don't worry be happy song also, I like that one ;)

Are They Really Footballers? - The best video clips are here

Hahah great! I have to test this myself. Will let you know if I manage to do this or not! This stupid clip teaches you something; this is one cool party trick... ehhh maybe it ain't THAT cool, but its a trick anyway.

Trick With A Bill And Coins - Click here for the most popular videos

HAha, great Bruce Lee animation. "Be water my son" Hehe he is good with fighting but say a lot of bullshit. :D

Bruce Lee - The funniest videos are a click away

Hehe, here is a short stupid video for you. Hot sister teaching you how to get in shape :P Well ok I know they are not sisters, not even three people. There are 2 clones from mars I know. ok ok very enjoyable video though :D

Physical Fitness - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Crazy hot weather girl video, turning on the heat but gets all wet :p
What kind of language is that anyway?

Weather Girl - The best video clips are right here

Hahaha! A man getting kicked in the crouch by an incredible looking woman, cant get much more funnier than that !? :D This is great entertainment! Even for a commercial.

Doctor Find Beauty - The best free videos are right here

Now the time is right to post something never posted in this blog before, a funny gif image animation, with a totally stupid and addictive song is running :D Everytime this page of the blog is loaded (until it gets droppet to page 2, this song will start to play :P) Some might see this annoying, while others just totally like this song. Its just that way it is with everything, everyone cant like the same thing. Dont worry though I wont post such songs that loads automatically anymore after this I think. Because most of the time I dont like things on the internet starting without me wanting it to start. Haha but this song is just so damn funny, that I couldnt help my self. I mean come on a dancing banana, and this crazy song.... its funny :D

hohoho, look at that kid go. I don't know if this is so incredible though, I'm double as fast doing that... he he ok maybe not. Anyway I think its incredible that a kid is probably become the best in the world putting a bunch a cups on top of each other. I mean this is freakin stupid isn't? I mean why bother to practice to be good at this. Its a cool party trick for him though, he can have that. Other than that I don't get this.

Now this is cool humor :D Music with the legendary comedian Andy Kaufman, if he ever quit as a comedian, he could easily be a bongo player instead. Freakin Hilarious :D

Hehe, a funny blue muppet tells his life story. Not really the shortest video clip here on this blog, but freakin funny to watch anyway.

Hahaha. The Muppets have always been funny enough to make even the saddest person in the world laughing like crazy. Muppets are such charming creatures. They can be described as dumb, clumsy, and annoying at times. Watch this clip and you will understand more reasons why the muppets rule :D

well well, what can I say, its a stupid old fat guy dancing like there`s no tomorrow.. Ha ha entertaining to watch, and I'm I wrong for saying he dances good for a man his size? :P

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hahaha! This is extremely funny, its incredible how dumb people can be..

Soccer.. what a crazy the game it is if you think about it. Running around and kicking a ball...he he well OK, its not that stupid, but these goals are some of the funniest and stupidest goals in soccer history!

When your dumb and stupid, your willing to do almost anything without hesitation. Ha ha, cant believe he just did that :D

He he, I guess this one is from a well known TV show. If you want to learn to dance, here is a good tutorial :P ha ha embarrassing stuff ;)