Everyday Normal Guy 2 Video! ;D

I think this guy is very funny :D Haha, he has so many cool videos online that are worth checking out. This is the second video on "Everyday Normal Guy".

I hope you thought this is enjoyable stupidface :D

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Hilarious Funny Toilet Humor - Dont Miss This

Hehe, what if you went to a public toilet and when you came back out you were stearing at a bunch of business people in a sealed off room. What would you freakin do? This is what happens in this very funny video.

Haha what are the people going back into the toilet thinking? Why not get the f... out of the room? :D If they really are that affriad of the business people, then I dont know what their problem is. Funny stuff though =)

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Funny Hilarious Rap Video - LOL This Is COOL :D

Haha, this video is so freakin COOL :D This guy is a genius. LOL what a crazy and funny video. If you dont like this clip then I just dont know if you have any sense of humor at all! Everyday Normal Crew is THE video on the internet right know I think. I must admit that I actually hate rap music, but when the song is this funny thats a different story. Haha, so I think you should watch this video right now - bitch.
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Funny Bartender Joke - Just Laugh out loud :D

A Jamaican man bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar,

A Jamaican man bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar, announcing that his wife had just given birth to 'a typical Jamaican baby boy weighing 20 pounds.'

Congratulations showered him from all around, and many exclamations of 'Wow!' were heard. A woman fainted due to sympathy pains.

Two weeks later, he returned to the bar. The bartender said, 'Say, you're the father of the Jamaican baby who weighed 20 pounds at birth. How much does he weigh now?'The proud father answered, 'Fifteen pounds.'

The bartender was puzzled. 'Why? What happened? He weighed 20 pounds at birth?'

The Jamaican father took a slow sip from his Red Stripe beer, wiped his lips on his shirtsleeve, leaned into the bartender and said, 'Had him circumcised. - Billig hotell | Billig hotell overnatting

Cool and Funny Jim Carrey Video :D Haha

HAha, this funny video is just so freaking hilarious, I can never watch this video without laughing my white ass off.. :D Jim Carrey is a comedian genius! I think all his movies are out of this world funny. Its sad that his personal life is not so happy though, I heard he actually is a lot of depressed and stuff. I can relate to that though, but its great to see him this way as a professional comedy guy though. Have fun watching this, I know you will just love this funny clip.
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Funny Banana Dance Video :D Peanut Butter Jelly Time !

Haha, what could be better than a giant banana jumping on a trampoline? hehe, I must say I enjoyed this stupid video... Some nice jumps and stuff, but I really laughed when the dog started to chase this banana guy, thats just incredible cool to catch on film. It would probably win a dumb home movie clip award or something. Well I hope you like this funny banana video too, and have a nice day! ;)

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Views: 7,904,376 > The Funny Weezer Song

At the moment when I post this, this video has Views: 7,904,376 , thats just insane! How popular that weezer video has become. Great music and band though, enjoy it one more time (for I know you have seen this one already).
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Hilarious Funny car crashes!

Some pretty dumb and stupid car crashes right here folks. Really funny, and cool music (read: ac/dc rocks!)

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