Haha. Funny Stupid Bike humor... The Safetybike

Although this video is called the safetybike, and anyone using this thing will look like a complete idiot. It still looks like a lot of fun, but I hardly think it is that safe :P

Here are Funny stupid old sayings.... Hehe.

Very armature made video, but still fun and enjoyable.
Clearly the funniest and dumbest thing I watched today ;)
Have you hear about all these sayings? I really doubt you haven't..

Hehe, how stupid is this cartoon... A Christmas banana singing,that get absolutely no help from Santa as far as entertainment goes. Still..I liked it ;)

Here is a Japanese prank show for you, that I found to be just freakin hilarious. All the pranks are great! Like the indiana jones parody with the big rolling stone, to the water shooting microphone :D

Japan Pranks Show Collection Part 2 - The funniest videos clips are here

Hehe, a Chinese reporter gets an unsuspected treatment in a judo dojo. Incredible funny.

Haha. I thought this was a pretty stupid commercial. Its always funny to see people eat disgusting things, but this ad tops them all. Click here to see what this guy eats!

Haha, stupid guy singing in the car. Hoho, that sure is annoying. I would have jumped out the car, in stead of listening to that shit :P

If you don't have any instruments, but still feel like making some kind of music. This is the way to go. Look how creative this guy is, and learn how to play music only with objects that are around you. Be careful not to look like a idiot though :P

Haha. These guys has to be the stupidest people in the world. I laughed so hard at this freakin hilarious video! One of the best I have seen for a very long time. Some of the are just unlucky, but mostly they are just dumb.

Inside WeightLoss

Haha, here we are making fun of the Ipod and Apple. I'm not a fan of apple products, so I just had to post this. Its a clip from Mad TV I think, and with a clever song, these funny lyrics are makes it very entertaining.

Hahahaha! This video is the best! Stupid blond thinks Europe is a country :D Watch this! Freakin hilarious!

Hello everyone. It is 1st of december and its soon christmas.
Here is a funny cop humor video for you to make you laugh :D