HAhaha. talking about screwing with peoples minds....
I just saw this funny "Just for laughs" video clip, where they
manage to REALLY scare people senseless. Wow just
look at those peoepls reaction to this awesome prank.
Hhehe this is so cool, they must be releived that its not
really the grim reaper thats coming to get them!
Awesome prank!! Dont you think!?

A funny series that has been around for a while now is
"Just for laughs". It is a simple show. Based on hidden camera
humor at its best. They have lots and lots of cool
ideas in this shows, and totally screws with peoples minds ;)
See for yourself.

Can I help you ?
This post is truly within the essense of a funny stupid video.
Ever heard of `Trigger Happy`? It is a Hidden Camera comedy
made be a guy named Dom Joly. For the most part it is hilarious funny
stuff. And this clip is a real classic one from that show.

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I hope you that reads this right now, got on my awesome list.
And is nice enough to return the favor ;)
See you all later comedy people, im going to bed now. 
Need to rest my funny bone, from all the laughter today haha.

Wow, that last post was amazing wasnt it!?
I sure think so anyway ;)
Now its time for a very cool animal video for the first time in this
blog. Two types of animals is involved in this video. Its a commercial for
salmon, and the main character is a bear. A bear kicking someones ass infact.
Doesnt get any better or funnier than that really! Here it is:

Hehe that ebay music video is high quality humor indeed ;)
Laugh everytime. And now for a great one aswell. Wierd can make
rock(grunge) music parody aswell you see!
But hold on, this is a warning. This video smells!!
It smells like Nirvana ;) (Btw. the coolest band that faced the earth?)
For more facts on this video go to this link ;)

It a first time for everything. And this funny video blog is gonna EXPLODE with
GREAT videos from this day on. I have a wish of having the funniest
video blog in the world (hmmm atleast the funniest on blogger.com ;), lets
face it I think theres  a little competition here).
Well well... I have covered som funny shit up til now. But this time its good
with som music. FUNNY music that is ;) Extremely funny infact.
Every heard of Wierd Al Yankovic? no, you say!!?? Have
you been living under a rock the past 40 years!? Anyway he makes
the funniest music videos in the world. Therefor he has earned the right
to be covered in my blog. I will give you 2 music videos here. But
lets start with this one about ebay ;)

Its time for the first blooper video here on the best "funny stupid short video blog",
in the whole wide world! ;) This has to be the funniest News blooper compilation 
that you can find on the web. But that is also what this blog is about. Just
showing you the best of the best. So you dont have
to look at all the crappy videos that just sucks.
Hahaha i laughed all the way thru this
video clip, and I know you will to! I just know it! Wich one is your favorite?

Its time for one of the best, maybe the best team of English comedians ever "Smith & Jones".
You must have heard of them I hope... If you are unsure

I mean these 2 guys
Well here is a great scene from their TV-show on BBC.
MAN is this funny. The first time I saw this I really laught hard. Biting the head of that rooster
or what ever you americans call it. That is pricelless, although many will find that a bit nasty.
Enjoy THIS super cool video. Share it to others and become the savior of lightening up the day for others.

hmmm.. global warming... what a issue that is... Just how many times a day do YOU piss in your pans of being afraid of this thing. But calm down. George BUsh knows the answer:

ALong time ago in a galaxy far far away.... A little kid was borned named Will Ferrell on 16 July 1967. It was hes destiny to go out into the world and make people laugh. Laugh so hard that you totally go insane. Will`s carrier as a comedian really took off after 1995. He became a feature cast member at "Saturday Night Live" (1975) during the show's rapid re-casting. Then millions of years later he decided to make som George W. Bush impressions, and here is the result:
Part 1. More to come... these are great. And the president have approved this video he says in the video, how great is that!? ;)

OOOOOKAY its time to laugh people. Life is way too short to be angry all the time.
You hear me!? Why do you not wake up every day with a smile on your face? Tell me!!?
Because that would be insane.... Did you know that funny man Jim Carrey, really is quite
depressed in real life? Its true... or so I have read. Well that is strange to think about.
Hes ALWAYS in a good mood in films, how can that be!? Maybe because thats just a FILM and not real life...... I dont know. On to business. Here is a great scene from "Liar Liar" with Jim Carrey.
Is it just me, or is that woman H-O-T!!!! Freakin amazingly H-O-T!!?