Hehehe, a quick and OLD commercial, with a well know comedian.
Probably most know by a "little" team of comedians called
"The monty python".;)

Hehhee! The fight has begun.. Men Vs Women who will win and who will loose?
The everlasting battle that goes on everyday, in every part of the world. Boy what a fight it is. Well anyway, this video is great! Really funny and stupid! I think the scene of this video clip, is supposed to be about the movie Braveheart, or maybe the creators have thought about lord of the rings. You WILL appreciate this epic movie clip no matter what :p

This is video truly is the definition of a funny sexy video.
The girls here are all so smoking hot that my eyes almost popped out of
my head!!! ;D Thats the kind of carewash I like! I would drive there
every single day of the week if I was that guy.

Hahaha, another commercial that really is great.
The world really needs more bad singing telegram guys in

Hehe! This was a very well made commercial I think.
You dont wanna mess with that fish! It is a crazy fish, that would
beat you up!! hhah. anyway funny video starring a cat and a gold fish.

:D ITS Tetris , the game, in real life.
Haaha! The japanese people are so crazy. And they are
experts in creating original game shows like this one :D
Hahaa hilarious video !

HAhahhaha! Thats one funny lifeguard. Ofcourse it is a hidden camera
show, but still. That is so incredible funny. :D

Bathroom Break - More amazing videos are a click away

HAHAHA! Incredible funny video, starring the man with a very funny guy, with only one name. Its Mr. T , you fool! ;D Very funny video. A must see video if you like Mr.T and who doesnt?

HEHEHE! it has always been funny to watch people who really are
bad at stuff. Either they suck in sports or whatever. This video really
shows how bad it is actually possibel to be in sports, and these people
really SUCK at soccer!! hhoohooh that kid missing the ball, and falls to
the floor is fun to watch ;)

It is with good reason I put this video in the stupid video category.
Because this is one of the most stupid videos I have seen on the net for
a while. ;)

Hahaha, what a funny and cool prank this is. Seriously though, I would NEVER have been tricked by that one. That ATM machine looks too simple and "home made". How about YOU, dear reader. Leave a comment on how easy you are too fool or not ;) Just gotta love hidden camera videos like this one.

hahaha, Hilarious commercial! That had potential to be a very sexy ad ;)

An other short and stupid commercial. Its fun and easy to watch,
but with a mind blowing ending! you WILL be surprised ;)

hehe!! that must have hurt! Nice and very short commercial, it under
1 minute! But very funny, trust me ;)

Hahhah, here is an AWESOME funny and cool set of commercials.
That guy changing the tires is so freakin stupid! If your
just watching 10 videos today, do yourself a favor and watch this one.
Its great commercials, that are so extremely funny that you WILL laugh ;)

This is a dumb commercial if you think about it. About the guys in the traffic
lights.. So simple to come up with ideas likes this ;) But anyway, even If I think
it is a stupid commercial to begin with. It IS pretty cool, and made in such a way that it is very entertaining to watch actually. Also dont like the music, but I wont even start to say what I think of the music, that could take all day, hehe. But have a watch and see what you think. It is a extremely SHORT video also!

Any Star Wars fan like myself, will find this funny video clip
amazing! Like I said earlier I am at the moment trying to find really
SHORT comedy and humor clips, that of course are also extremely funny videos.
This because we all are in the year 2007 so occupied with so much, that many of
us wants to watching something and be done quickly. Hehe you will like this video for sure (if you like Star Wars to begin with atleast, this is only for star wars fans really). VADER RULES !!!! Come over to the dark side hahaha

HAhaha, this is such a cool and funny music video.
Its pretty short also, only 2.45 m. long, so its a must see
video clip for you today! You cant miss out on this hilarious and
humorous short video. The woman playing Paris, is so much nicer
than the real Paris. Oh Boy is she sexy and smoking hot!!!!! ;D

hoho. what a stupid commercial.
I like it for being so short though. That is my new mission for a while,
on this site. To try and find really really SHORT videos.
Because I want to stay true to what the title of this website is all
about. Funny video, he has nice hands or whatever :P

Is this a great product?
Im thinking about the Iphone... I really think its stupid.
But that probably has something to do with that I dont like MAC
products. Conan has made an excellent Iphone commercial here.
Way to go Conan! funny as h.... :D !!

HAHha! This is a really stupid video. Its a great commercial in the
sense that it is impossibel to know what this is going to be a
commercial for. But that stupid robber has a point. That woman
iS H-O-T ;D Have a blast watching this!!