HAHAHHA :D This prank is amazingly funny. Simple yet Hilarious! ;D

Hahhaa! Wow this is very funny and cool commercial!
Very well made indeed :D Gotta love commercials like this

AMAZINGLY Stupid commerical parody ;D
Done by some British fools, hahaa this one is great!
But specially if you have seen the original commerical ofcourse.

Hhaaha. Talk about funny stupid guy. But in addition to stupidity,
this guy looks like an extremely unlucky dude. That no one
wants to be like. ;)

Hohoho. Funny stupid moments, from one of my favorite type of sport.
Some of these moments are incredible! Its so amazing and fun, that you
almost cant beleive it ;D

If you want funny stupid people playing with water...
then you have come to the right video! :D Very FUnny stuff ;D

Hahah, cant get enough of "Hale And Pace". They are sooo hilarious;)
I also like Smith & jones, wich these two remind me of. Dont know wich
I like the best, but these guys knows what comedy is all about ;D

Hahaha, this video clip is sooo funny. Its from the "Hale and Pace"
show. What was he thinking doing that :D But his job is surtainly
difficult, so dont envy this guy at all ;)

Hahaha, freakin funny pepsi commercial!
Soooo well made. You DO NOT wanna mess with that
little girl!

Pepsi Godfather - Funny bloopers are a click away

HAhah! Extremely funny commerical video. That guy ranks high in the order
of stupidness. Hahaha, embarrasing stuff also ;DEnjoy!!

HAhahhah, What an amazing product!!! ;D How could I live without it...
Seriously this is quite stupid. But thats why this is a blog with funny
stupid short videos ;)

Heheh, that is one COOL turtle. All in all a funny commercial video
I would say ;)

In need of instant laughter? Well here is the solution: watching
this video will make you laugh in 3 seconds! (Not guaranteed)
But anyway this was a cool little video, and I like when they are
short ;) And also the soundeffects were cool ;)

Funny Dog - Amazing videos are here

Hehe, beer commercials try very often to use humor
to get peoples attention. And they do so with great
sucess I would say. Here is a funny stupid camera man,
in a small commercial I havent seen before.

Heineken - Tennis And Beer - The funniest home videos are here

Hahahha, this video is great! If you want to see a short and
hilarious video today, THIS is the one you need to see. Funny
prank anyway ;)

Skunk Hat - For more funny movies, click here

Hohoho! This IS truly amazing, I barely see how this man can
pull that off. But this guy has to be carefull, since
the bigger you are the harder you fall/land ;) This video also is quite
inspiring to watch, makes you think anythings possibel, and thats a cool thought.

Amazing Man! - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

OHhhh my this is a must see funny stupid video!
It is a very simple yet very cool hidden camera prank. Involving
two hot twin girls (!), that surtainly receives attention!
Hehe this is great. Real funny! ;D

Comedy - The best video clips are here

I have always found the TV-shopping channels to be quite funny.
Its just strange too see how wierd the spokepersons of these shows
act. And now its time for the one and only Jim Carrey, to convince you
how you can loose weight faster then ever! See for yourself how ;D
It involves "Riding the snake" hahaha. very funny and stupid video ;)

Jim Carrey

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