This is my first post. And I will just say that if you are wondering around on the net, and want to see some really, and I mean REALLY funny short videos, then you have come to the right place. At the moment I couldnt decide at a specific category of videos to focus on. So I will give you videos of all kinds like for instance, funny animal videos, funny cat videos, funny commercial videos, funny music video, funny police videos, and funny home video in general. I will be selective and pick the very best of these categories, and let me tell you if you dont fall of your chair laughing, then there is something strange with you im afraid. Hehe no dont be afraid, its probably just me that have a strange form of houmor. Please make some comments of what you think of the videos that I post here! You dont know how much I really appriciate that! In the future I might expand this blog to also consist funny pictures, but for now lets concentrate on those extremly funny videos shall we? YES Lets get to it, no time to waste. I will in my next post handpick a cool video of some sort. Stay tuned, enjoy your stay in this blog, and have fun ;)

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